Monday, 25 August 2014

Nautical Stripes

 Zara Blazer, Bag, Shoes, Top || Jeans Bay(old) || Forever21 Necklace

As you can see, in today's post I unconsciously am a walking zara ad! haha! I have found that this happens quite often recently, and I have come to the realization that zara is slowly but surely becoming my best store. They have cute pieces, great quality (most of their things are designer looking), and to top it off, their prices are amaazziinng! (or at least when they go on sale! lol!)

A few days ago, I was filming a video for my Youtube Channel and I mentioned this bag and how I wasn't sure how I would go about styling it. Most of my bags are neutral colours (well, mostly black), so this was very different for me. I accepted the "challenge" and began thinking of ways to style a blue bag. I came up with about 4 looks at once, so it turns out styling a blue bag isn't as difficult as I imagined.

I went for a simple white tank, white jeans, and this blazer (I have had for ages but never got the chance to wear) which compliments the bag flawlessly. I'm so glad I took the plunge and decided to buy something a little bit out of my comfort zone, because this bag has become one of my faves!

P.S. I thought my mum and sister look stunning so I decided to include them in this post.

- Vee xx


  1. I love Zara too, they have some amazing pieces. You look great girl, I love the all white with the stripe blazer, nice pairing with the bad too.Your sister and mom definitely look stunning.


  2. Totally love this look, you look preety :)

  3. You look beautiful, the shoes are amazing! ! Love your blog, follow you via bloglovin!

  4. Your entire family is stunning!

  5. Very cute outfits; that bag is quite chic and edgy too.