Thursday, 7 August 2014


H&M Top, Trousers, Necklace & Shoes || F21 Bag & Sunglasses.

I can already tell what you are thinking, "how many of these cross-over shirts do you have, Vivian?" Am i right? haha! As I mentioned in my previous post, they are an essential basic in my closet as they can be paired with so many different outfits and in so many ways. This black one in particular has been worn countless times, as you can see here. Today, I decided to add some colour this time around by pairing it with a pair of purple trousers and I added a few accessories to pull the look together.

Ahh, these trousers!
 I felt this post was incomplete without a write up about how lovely these trousers are. I'm not necessarily one of those people who pick comfort over style. For me, if something looks good but is not entirely comfortable, i'll feel inclined to endure the pain because as they say, "beauty is pain". I like how it's a little bit high waisted and it kind of acts like a comfortable body shaper all in one. These trousers did not look like much on the hanger, however, once I put them on I was surprised at how good they looked, and how comfortable they were. I had to have them!

- Vee xx


  1. Nice pants, very chic pairing, I love your pumps.