Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Love Yourself

H&M Dress || TOPSHOP Jacket || BOOHOO Heels

These photos are from a couple of months ago, in the middle of summer. I have gained a few pounds since then and looking at this pictures prompted me to want to share my experiences as a skinny woman and how insensitive society has become to body shaming. I am that person that highly dislikes unsolicited opinions; if I didn't ask, don't share what you think about my outfit, my makeup, the way I walk/talk or anything concerning me, particularly negative comments. People (especially women who are finding it difficult to lose weight) would tell me; "You need to gain some weight", "Do you even eat?", "Come and stay in my house for a few weeks so I can feed you", "Are you sure you're healthy?", or even "You're too skinny". If I went up to someone and said "You're too fat", i'm sure that would not be taken lightly, but it's presumably okay for a person to call someone else too skinny. I got these derogatory remarks so frequently that sometimes it got the best of me. I would be in a very terrible mood for days, I would seclude myself and be very defensive about everything, I would start believing these remarks and being weight gain journey's which all failed. Today, I have realized that those words only made me a stronger woman because, I do not allow anyone speak that way about my body or my shape. I love my self whole-heartedly and I remove myself from any situation that'll potentially lead to my unhappiness.

I say all this to say, women need to be kinder to each other. Live and let live; if you don't like someones body type, that's fine, they weren't put on this earth to conform to your standard of beauty. If you do not have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Remember that if you love yourself, no one can convince you otherwise. 
Every body type is beautiful. Let's do better and stop the body shamming.
I'll love to read your thoughts/experiences, leave me a comment below!

- Vee xx


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  2. i go through the same thing when i go to work and its irritating. I learnt to fully love myself last summer when I was really trying to gain weight but it all failed. I wore baggy clothes so people won't notice me, but now I wear clothes that compliment my body and I love it.

  3. Great post beautiful.. and I completely understand. I am also a slim woman and ever since I was a child I've been picked on because of my weight. Learning to love yourself and the skin you're in is challenging however, what i've learnt is that when you feel right mentally and emotionally, you look right. We need to redefine beauty and uplift one another.