Sunday, 8 March 2015

Doing Too Much

ZARA Dress, Heels || H&M Coat || GIVENCHY Bag

On this day, I had set out to push myself a lot more than usual in terms of my taking blog photos and filming youtube videos. Before I took these photos I planned out a whole list of things I was going to do for the day which included, filming a whole lot of videos and then photographing about three different outfits (Just filming one video alone is barely an easy task). To some, blogging may seem easy but it definitely requires a lot of dedication, time and effort. I got ready to take these photos and headed out into the cold to snap away, while I was feeling accomplished and ready to shoot the next outfit I decided to preview these photos and to my disappointment I had used the wrong lens to shoot hence the poor photo quality :(.

I say all this to say, sometimes taking things one step at a time is much better than trying to carry too much on your shoulder. Doing too much might not always be the solution, afterall, the tortoise won the race in the end.
To find out how I highlight and contour check out my latest video:

-Vee xx


  1. Luv ur hair n ur collection buh the thing is you can't wear these (heels especially) in Nigerian university

    1. Thank you! I understand that, however, you can draw inspiration from the looks that I post and incorporate them in a way that suits you. xx