Sunday, 21 December 2014


Urban Planet Top || H&M Jacket & Trousers || Zara Shoes

I am that person who plans their outfits weeks in advance. A lot of the time, I do not like to have to throw on the first thing I see in my closet because I have no time to look for anything else. Today was one of the days where I had to wear the first thing I grabbed and I must say I quite like the outcome. Whenever I have one of those "grab and go" occasions I like to stick to basics and things that I am sure can never go wrong, such as, a turtle neck, leather trousers and court shoes. I also consider these items essentials for winter as you can look put-together and also be protected from the cold. I will be putting up a winter essentials video soon on my youtube channel, so stay tuned.

I celebrated my birthday on the 20th of this month. I took some time to reflect on certain things and I saw this post on tumblr which really resonated with me so I thought I would share it with my lovely readers. 

Lower your gaze, not just from the opposite sex but also;
Lower your gaze from the faults of others.
Lower your gaze from that which does not concern you.
Lower your gaze from that which people want hidden.
Lower your gaze from that which makes you angry.
Lower your gaze from things that will make you jealous.

Its a really simple message but the words are so powerful. In a recent sermon at church, I was taught that joy is very important in life, not happiness, joy. There is a difference. The tumblr post came to mind while I listened to the word, and I thought if one was to "lower their gaze" from said things they will have a joyous heart and a mind filled with positivity. I have decided that this is the path I want to live by from now on.

-Vee xx

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