Monday, 17 November 2014

Camel Coat

Sheinside Skirt & Coat || Ardene Heels & Turtle Neck || H&M Accessories & Purse

As I sit here creating this post all I recall is how cold this day was, and the fact that I had to take these photos myself which made the process take three times as long. Also, I took about 20 shots before I even began to capture myself in the frame. Sigh* The struggles of blogging, but it has to be done!

Speaking of the weather, the cooler days are fast approaching and this gets me excited because I get to wear my coats! I love coats and this one from Sheinside is no exception. It reminds me of the camel Zara coat which pretty much every blogger owns. I eyed the Zara version up for a while but I could not bring myself to spend nearly $300 on a coat which is not going to keep me warm from the Canadian winter. I later found this one on Sheinside which is the perfect dupe (also a lot more winter appropriate as it's thicker) for a fraction of the price. I just had to have it!

This coat and many more items are featured in my latest video:

- Vee xx


  1. very nice coat

  2. The stuggles of blogging, I will soon be taking my picture by myself ugh. Your coat is amazing, love your simple yet chic style. Stunning fall look.

    Princess Audu

  3. AWWWWWW Vivian, you took your photos yourself! Practice makes perfect hun, trust me, I know first hand!
    During the winter I tend to use a photographer just to reduce my freezing moments! lol
    Try kijiji for photographers. A lot of newbies offer wither free or really cheap sessions! Or see if there's any bloggers near you, that's what I did!
    Love the coat and great find! Looks exactly like the Zara one :)