Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beaded Disco

I appologise for the low quality of these pictures as i forgot my camera at home, so i had to use my iphone instead. But rest assured my next post would be in better quality as i am upgrading to a new lens for my DSLR which i am highly excited about! I love high quality pictures, so i am excited to be able to provide that for my readers.

I went for my friends birthday dinner over the weekend, and i decided to wear something really comfortable as i like to stuff my face when it comes to food lol so i went for this pastel blue beaded top and disco pants. It was definately a fun evening!

Check out my recent video here!

Top - Forever 21
Pants - American Apparel
Clutch - Marshalls
Shoes - Zara

-Vee xx

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