Saturday, 29 June 2013

OOTD ~ Neon Pink

Went for the basket mouth show today with my mum, it was fun except for the fact that it started about 4 hours late which was a bit annoying and, I was called on stage (I am an extremely shy person lol) so that was a fail on my part, but other than that it was a good show!
I wore a neon pink dress, as you guys might already know my love for neon is still going strong lol.. I got the dress in a size medium (that was the only size left) so it was slightly oversized but i accessorized with this gorgeous belt (which i recently found in my mums closet) to cinch in the waist and my go jane nude/black strappy sandals.

Oh and i added pictures of my mum cause i thought she looked stunning :D Enjoy!

Dress- F21.
Belt- Mum's Closet.
Shoes- Gojane.
Purse- Calvin Klein.

-Vee xx


  1. You're so pretty and your mom is so pretty as well and young. I love Basket mouth! But what did he say? Was he saying you're so hot *in his basket mouth voice* Ugh! when was he here? I didn't know!!

    1. Thank you hun!!
      Haha, he was using me as demonstration for his jokes lol, for example, i was meant to be acting as the angry wife while he was showing different ways men apologise!
      He was here on the 28th of June, but it was in Brampton (I'm guessing thats why many people weren't aware). I'm hoping there'll be another show next year tho!
      I love your blog btw, you are quite the stunner!!! :) xx

  2. Ah,Brampton?! But why? He needs to come to Toronto...that's sad, i had absolutely no idea. WOuld have been soo cool to see him.
    Aww thanks for liking the blog.
    I've been trying to find an e-mail address I could use to contact you but can't find one.
    I'm organizing a bloggers' get-together and would like to send you the description by e-mail.
    Please e-mail me at!

    1. My bad! I just realised i don't have my email on my blog! Thank you for pointing that out!
      Alright, i will email you ASAP! :) xx